Monday, June 20, 2005

Let's solve this together!

The United States needs to become a "net-exporter" of renewable energy. This blog seeks to spread the word: to help both major parties come to together… to take bold action in this regard. By developing an “Energy Independence Fund” (as outlined at, the United States can:

- Create new jobs,
- Build the economy,
- Encourage for-profit, market-driven solutions,
- Hold the price of gasoline down: to avoid $10 a gallon, later,

If you have constructive ideas how to bring both Democrats and Republicans together - to solve this long-term problem, please post them, here!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

New idea: How to solve our energy problems

I recently performed research into what people would spend for an "equivalent gallon" of hydrogen (to travel an equivalent distance in their vehicle). From this research, some profound and unexpected results (ah-ha's) came through.

I am looking for feedback on these... I am interested in how to best move forward - with ideas that will help the U.S. become a "net-exporter" of renewable energy, by the year 2025.

Comments, please!

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