Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A “systems” way of thinking is required to solve our energy dependence problem, and build a sustainable future.

This quote from Peter Senge’s Book “The Fifth Discipline” should cause one pause (relative to how this country is going about “solving our ‘price’ problem”:

Beware the symptomatic solution. Solutions that address only the symptoms of a problem, not the fundamental causes, tend to short-term benefits at best. In the long term, the problem resurfaces and there is increased pressure for symptomatic response. Meanwhile, the capacity for fundamental solutions can atrophy.

Paraphrasing: Trying to address the high price of gas (the symptom) instead of dealing with the problem (home-grown alternatives / renewable energy technologies) is delaying the true days of reckoning: And in fact, decreasing our ability to solve this problem. (As has happened in the past 35 years.)



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