Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rationale for a 21st Century Energy Initiative

The rationale for solving our energy problems are many, and the benefits are great. These are just a few of the obvious reasons:

Increase energy independence: There are radicals and terrorists – with ill intent toward the United States - coming from mainly oil-exporting nations. The United States is indirectly funding their actions. We should be beholden to NO country for a major source of our energy.
Improve energy security & stability: Another aspect of independence is decreasing the volatility of energy prices, due to other countries’ actions.
Lessen the need for war: By creating our 100% of our own transportation fuel, the need to interfere in other countries’ affairs decreases dramatically.
Balance the federal budget: The money saved in funding these excursions reduces federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars, which helps balance the federal budget.
Reduce price of gas at the pump: With more stable energy sources, the cost of doing business will decrease, further stabilizing energy prices.
Increase the value and power of the dollar: By surpassing an “Energy Independence” mindset – with a goal to be a net-exporter of renewable energy and renewable energy technologies, the value of the United States’ dollar will increase.
Decrease pollution: By focusing on sources of energy that do not require “burning stuff”, emissions will reduce, which will also reduce pollution.
Curtail carbon emissions: As a result of “fuel shifting” to cleaner energy, carbon emissions will also be reduced.
Reduce climate change: By reducing pollution and carbon emissions, human-impact (whether the root cause or not) will decrease.
Build a sustainable future: By shifting to fuels that are replaceable, natural resources will be available for our children and grandchildren.

The "kick-off" to heading toward this initiative can be found in The Presidential Speech I'd Like to Hear.


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