Monday, January 05, 2009

Misinformation does us no good!

In today's Parade Magazine, there is an article about "What will fuel our next cars?" Great question. Unfortunately, it is laden with misinformation - that others will use (as "facts") - for all kinds of reasons.

To wit: Hydrogen "should cost about $1.10" a gallon. Of course it should. But it doesn't. Gasoline should also cost 20 cents, but it doesn't. The cost to produce "an equivalent gallon" of hydrogen is about $10. There is no way (with current technology) to get it down to about a buck. What is missing is an understanding of how pure hydrogen needs to be in order to work in fuel cells. Something like "five 9s", or 99.999% pure. Making it is only part of the cost, transporting & storing it not only adds costs, but also degrades the 99.999% to something less... just in the act of transporting and storing it.

Anyway - pardon the rant, but once again, the need to print something takes a back seat to science.



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