Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oregon's Executive Order 09-06 align with NXergy's mission

Governor Ted Kulongoski issued Executive Order 09-06 creating a new public-private advisory council to use Oregon's green advantage to maximize potential grants from the federal economic recovery package to create jobs immediately and for the long term. Six key criteria include:

[1] Immediate job creation for Oregonians;
[2] Use of Oregon companies & sourcing of local materials to keep stimulus funds in Oregon:
[3] Green jobs training that accompany projects;
[4] Promotion of Oregon's sustainability, renewable energy, carbon reduction, energy efficiency and green development goals;
[5] Innovative approaches in technology, partnership, process and life cycle optimization; and
[6] Potential to attract additional additional federal money through block grants and other sources.

Reviewing NXergy's focus reveals the alignment.



At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Josepphine said...

this is a big help to those ho are jobless.


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